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Parcel Centre's Global Reach

The Parcel Centre send parcels all over the world helping people to send gifts, send information or to simply get in touch with someone they care about. One of our most popular destinations for parcels to be sent to is Spain. Spain is the most common retirement location for people in the UK. The draw of a sunnier climate is very strong. Many of these people have family and friends back home who they need to keep in touch with on a regular basis. This is made possible by The Parcel Centre. 

We pride ourselves in keeping people in touch all around the world, including Spain, whether sending parcels for pleasure, or for business, we can help you get it right every time. After a couple of years in the sun, many retirees find themselves wanting something more productive to do and set up new businesses. With many of their contacts still being in the UK, The Parcel Centre provides the ideal service for ensuring that business parcels are delivered at an affordable price. 

Here at the Parcel Centre we provide our customers with the best services possible for the best prices possible because we know how much it means to our customers to be able to send the parcels that they want to Spain. Have your relatives or friends left something special behind and do you want to send it over to them? Have they made a new life overseas but they keep missing certain things they used to have at home and have asked you to send them to them? 

Then look no further. The Parcel Centre are the people to help you send what you want over to Spain for the best price and in the best time too. We understand that today many people move over to a different country whether it be for work, for school or for love. 

Take a look at our prices!

1KG - £14.86 +VAT

10KG - £17.63 +VAT

30KG - £20.17 +VAT 

Looking to send a gift?

Here at the Parcel Centre your friends and family needn’t miss out as we can send your parcels to Spain for such a low price – so why use anyone else?