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Our main aim at The Parcel Centre is to help put a smile on your friends and relatives faces by making sure they can get the gifts you want to send them. One of our most popular destinations for parcels to be sent to is Poland.

Since Poland became part of the EU, there has been a huge rise in the number of Polish people living and working in the UK. This has resulted in many family members and friends being left behind, but not forgotten. People like to send parcels back home sharing their new life with those left behind.

Due to the number of Polish people in the UK, whole communities have been set up, involving the development of new businesses. These businesses often require parcels and paperwork to be sent between the UK and Poland. All of this is possible due to The Parcel Centre.

We help our customers to send parcels for special occasions. Do you have a relative in Poland with a special birthday coming up? Do you have friends in Poland who have just reached a milestone in their lives? Do you want to be able to send your friends and relatives in Poland a special gift on their special day for an amazing price?

The best way for you to send everything you want to your friends and relatives abroad is to entrust the parcels with us at the Parcel Centre because we not only take care of your parcels but we will make sure they arrive with your relatives on time and in the same condition as when they left your possession.

Take a look at our prices!

1KG - £17.63 +VAT

10KG - £17.63 +VAT

30KG - £20.17 +VAT 

Looking to send a gift?

Here at the Parcel Centre your friends and family needn’t miss out as we can send your parcels to Poland for such a low price – so why use anyone else?