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Parcel Centre's Global Reach

The Parcel Centre send parcels all over the world helping people to send gifts, send information or to simply get in touch with someone they care about. One of our most popular destinations for parcels to be sent to is Italy. Italy is world renowned for its fashion and culture, so it is no surprise that many parcels are sent to and from Italy containing fashion items. This thriving culture has led to businesses and not just individuals needing to send parcels to and from Italy.

Here at the Parcel Centre we provide our customers with the best services possible for the best prices possible because we know how much it means to our customers to be able to send the parcels that they want to Italy. The Parcel Centre ensures that cost is not a prohibitive factor.

We help our customers to send parcels for special occasions. Do you have a relative in Italy with a special birthday coming up? Do you have friends in Italy who have just graduated university? Do you want to be able to send your friends and relatives in Italy a special gift on their special day for an amazing price? Are you considering setting up a business which involves sending parcels to Italy?

Then look no further. The Parcel Centre are the people to help you send what you want over to Italy for the best price and in the best time too.

Take a look at our prices!

1KG - £14.86 +VAT

10KG - £17.63 +VAT

30KG - £20.17 +VAT 

Looking to send a gift?

Here at the Parcel Centre your friends and family needn’t miss out as we can send your parcels to Italy for such a low price – so why use anyone else?