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Parcel Centre's Global Reach

The Parcel Centre send parcels all over the world helping people to send gifts, send information or to simply get in touch with someone they care about. One of our most popular destinations for parcels to be sent to is Canada. Many people hire a recreation vehicle (RV) and travel around this gorgeous country. This often results in them setting up a new home and a new life in Canada, leaving family and friends behind. In order to keep in touch, parcels often need to be sent to Canada. The cost of this need not be prohibitive.

We, at The Parcel Centre know that there are many reasons for people to move away. They could be going for a completely new life or just be working over there for months at a time. That doesn’t mean that you don’t want to get gifts to them like you would if they hadn’t gone away. With The Parcel Centre we make it easy for you to send any parcel size to your friend or relative in Canada.

The Parcel Centre are the people to help you send what you want over to Canada for the best price and in the best time too. We understand that today many people move over to a different country whether it be for work, for school or for love – there are many reasons people move but that doesn’t mean that the people that love and care about them don’t want to send them gifts anymore.

Take a look at our prices!

1KG - £17.83

10KG - £54.78

30KG - £123.27 

Looking to send a gift?

Here at the Parcel Centre your friends and family needn’t miss out as we can send your parcels to Canada for such a low price – so why use anyone else?