Packing Advice

Parcel Packaging Advice

It is very important when sending a parcel to make sure it is properly packaged, this will prevent it getting damaged in transit. Please read through the following tips for more information.*


  • Select the size of the package according to its content, overloaded boxes may burst and boxes that are under-filled may collapse.
  • Use cushioning materials to stop the contents moving within the package.
  • Think about strength, durability and cushioning when selecting what materials you are going to use to send your goods.
  • Make sure you use a strong tape to seal and secure your parcel.
  • Make sure the address on the parcel is fully legible, visible and in upper case letters.
  • With fragile items make sure they are in the centre of the parcel with cushioning on all sides.
  • Use arrow up labels when sending non solid materials.
  • If you are re-using packaging please remove any previous labels.
  • When sending valuable items use heavy duty double layered board and boxes with good quality outer liner.
  • If returning gifts in same packaging, check packaging is ok to use as some gift packages are not sturdy enough to resend.
  • When sending liquids make sure you use leak free containers and seal them within a plastic bag to prevent leaks and possible damage to other parcels.
  • Remember shipments may be opened by customs for inspection so do not over seal your package.


  • Do not use rope or cellophane tape to seal your parcel.
  • Do not consider ‘Handle with care’ and ‘Fragile’ labels as a replacement for careful packaging. They are only appropriate for information purposes.
  • Do not use bags made of cloth or fabric.
*Please be aware that The Parcel Centre accepts no liability for the packaging advice it provides. The customer is responsible for ensuring packaging is suitable and secure for transportation.